The Hindi edition of Banking services chronicle magazine will not be published from December 2018 issue owards.

About BSC

About BSC

BSC and Banking Services Chronicle are familiar names among lakhs of students. In fact, BSC has become synonymous with professionalism and excellence in the field of competitive exams. We are both a friend and a guide to the youth standing at a crossroads in their career. Our effort is to make sure that you have a noble aim in the first place, and then to see that you land bang on target.

Serving you for more than two decades

We set out with a missionary zeal with the October 1993 issue of the magazine Banking Services Chronicle. And we are proud to say that our zeal has only strengthened with more than two decades of your unstinted support. We have been bringing one product after another — correspondence course, books, classroom coaching, online and offline tests, and websites. In all these endeavours we have strived for excellence. We have perceived your needs and tried to fulfil them. If today we are established as a reputed education giver, we owe it entirely to our generations of students.

Three companies

The BSC group now consists of three companies: (i) BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd, (ii) BSC Correspondence Course Pvt. Ltd and (iii) BSC Academy Pvt. Ltd. These companies are divisions to ensure that work continues smoothly across verticals. They are interdependent and work with the help of one another. The same BSC spirit of service pervades through all of these.

BSC Publishing

BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd publishes the magazine Banking Services Chronicle in both Hindi and English and scores of books that are helpful to Banking and SSC aspirants. We try to meet the best editorial standards in all our publications. Our authors and contributors are eminent in their own fields. All those involved in these publications have an eye on students’ requirements and are meticulous in their approach.

Banking Services Chronicle

When the first issue of the English magazine Banking Services Chronicle came out, a big vacuum was filled. Until then, there had been no magazine which focused on Banking sector entrance exams. Over the years, we have blossomed into an all-rounder magazine. Though Bank PO exam still continues to be our forte, the monthly magazine has enough material to cater the needs of other exams as well. We are launching a Hindi magazine also by the same name. The contents of the two magazines will be different so that students can have access to a wider variety.

Our books

BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd publishes various competition-related books. A few of them deserve special mention. M Tyra’s Magical Book on Quicker Maths has created history of sorts through its revolutionary approach to mathematical problems. MK Pandey’s Analytical Reasoningmakes you an expert in the game of logic.Chetananand Singh’s English Is Easy makes the language as simple as maths and as interesting as a story. NK Sinha’s book on Money, Banking and Finance and Javed R Siddiquee’s A Primer on Banking and Finance are useful guides to today’s world of economics and banking. Besides, we have Previous Papers and Practice Sets for various Banking and SSC exams. K Kundan deserves a special mention for the large number of books he has authored and the great service he has done to the student community.

Our websites

We understand that every student wants information on their fingertips. Attractive and useful websites are the need of the hour. While BSC Publishing has its website, BSC Academy has its own We have another website exclusively designed for students. On this website we provide you new content on a daily basis, keep you posted with all that you need to know for Banking, SSC and other related exams, address your queries and allow you to interact with the student community.

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